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      US Research Nanomaterials, Inc. manufactures and supplies metal nanoparticles, alloy nanoparticles, oxide nanoparticles, rare earth oxide nanoparticles and Compound nanoparticles. For more detailed information, please click on each product that you are interested in. We can guarantee the quality of our products: 100% refund if you find our products with quality problem!
     Rule: The smaller the particle size, the greater the surface area, the better the particle activity. However, one particle is composed of thousands of single nanoparticle held together by attraction forces of various physical and chemical nature. In order to achieve the nano-properties, the dispersing and deagglomeration of solid dry powder is an important application of nanoparticles! We recommend to use: 1. If used in the aqueous phase, may use ultrasonic treatment to disperse; 2. If used in oil phase, may use high shear mixing instrument to disperse. 3. If directly used as dry powder form, may use ball mill treatment to disperse. 

  Elements & Alloys

 Single-Element Oxides

  Multi-Element Oxides


Ag, 99.99%, 80-100 nm, metal basis Al2O3, alpha, 99+%, 80 nm  Discount! ATO, 90:10, 30nm, 99.95+%  Discount! *AlN, 99.5%, 65-75 nm, Hexagonal
Ag, 99.99% , 50-80 nm, w/~0.2% PVP Al2O3, alpha, High Purity 99.9% 35nm BaFe12O19, 99.5%, 60 nm BN, 99.8%, 800 nm, hexagonal
Ag, 99.99%, 50-80 nm, metal basis Al2O3, gamma, 99+%,20 nm Discount! BaTiO3, 99.9%, 500 nm, Tetragonal BN, 99.8+%, 70-80nm, hexagonal
Ag, 99.99%, 30-50 nm, w/~0.2 wt% PVP Coated Al2O3, gamma High Purity 99.5% 80nm BaTiO3, 99.9%, 400 nm, Tetragonal *Cr3C2, 30-120nm, 99.7+%  New ! 
Ag, 99.99%, 30-50nm, metal basis Al(OH)3, 99.9%, 10-20 nm, Hydrophilic BaTiO3, 99.9%, 300 nm, Tetragonal LaF3, highly dispersible,20-60nm New !
Ag, 99.99%, 20nm, w/~0.2% PVP Bi2O3, 99.9%, 80-200 nm    BaTiO3, 99.9%, 200 nm, Tetragonal SiC, Beta, whisker/micron, D<2.5 um, L/D>=20, 99+%
Ag, 99.99%, 20nm, metal basis CeO2, 99.97%, 10-30nm  BaTiO3, 99.9%,100 nm,     Discount! SiC, Beta, Sub-micron powder, 99+%, D<1μm
*Al, 99.9+%, 100nm, metal basis Co3O4, High purity, >99.5%, 30-50 nm BaTiO3, 99.9%, 50 nm, Cubic SiC, Beta, Micron-powder, 1-40um adjustable, 99+%
*Al, 99.9%, 70nm, metal basis Co3O4,  99%, 10-30 nm CoFe2O4, high purity 99.9%, 30 nm       SiC, beta, 99+%, <80 nm, cubic
*Al, 99.9%, 40nm, metal basis Cr2O3, 99+%, 60 nm ITO, 90:10, 99.99+%, 20-70nm SiC, beta, 99+%, 45-65nm   Discount!
*Al, 99.9%, 18 nm, laser synthesized CuO, high purity, 99.95+%, 25-55nm ITO, 95:5, 99.99+%, 20-70nm Si3N4, 99+%, 15-30nm       Discount!
Au, 99.99+%, 50-100 nm CuO, 99%, <80nm MnFe2O4, 98.5%, 60 nm *TaC, 99+%, 1000 nm, Cubic  New ! 
*(Boron, 99+%, 1-2um) CuO, 99%, 40nm   Discount! NiFe2O4, 98%, 30 nm TiB2, 98+%, 2-12um
C (Diamond), 54.5%, 3-10 nm Dy2O3, 99.9+%, high purity, 30 nm Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4, 99.995%, 10-30 nm *TiC, 99+%, 40-60nm, cubic
C (Diamond), >98.3%, 3-10 nm Er2O3, 99.9%, 10-100 nm, Cubic Ni0.5Co0.5Fe2O4, 99.995%, 40 nm *TiN, 99.2+%, 20nm, Cubic
C (Natural Graphite, 400nm-1.2 um, 99.9%,  Hydrophobic) Eu2O3, 99.99%, 10-100 nm, Cubic SrFe12O19, 99.5%, 60 nm *VC, 99.9%, 600-800nm, Cubic  New ! 
C, Porous Carbon, 20-40 nm, (Plant)  Fe2O3, alpha,high purity,99.5+%,30 nm SrTiO3, 99.95%, 100 nm, Cubic Phase WC, High purity, 99.95%, 30-100 nm, black hexagonal crystals
C, Porous Carbon, 60-80 nm, (Plant)  Fe2O3, alpha, 98+%, 20-40 nm Y3Al5O12,YAG,highpurity,99.5%,30 nm WC, 99.9%, 55 nm
C (Activated Carbon) <100nm (Coconut) Fe2O3,gamma highpurity99.5+%,20 nm ZnFe2O4, 98.5%,10- 30 nm WC/Co-5wt%, 40-80 nm, 99.9% 
C (Activated Carbon) <100nm (Bamboo) Fe2O3, gamma, 99%, 20-40 nm Zn0.5Co0.5 Fe2O4, 99.995%, 40 nm WS2, 40-80nm, 99.9+%   New !
C (Activated Carbon)<100nm (Charcoal) Fe3O4, high purity, 99.5+%, 15-20 nm Zn0.5Mn0.5 Fe2O4, 99.995%, 30-60 nm *ZrC, 99+%, 20 nm, Cubic
C (Carbon NanoFibers, Purity: >95%, OD: 200-600nm) Fe3O4, 98+%, 20-30 nm    
C (Graphitized Carbon NanoFibers, Purity: >99.9%, OD: 200-600nm) Gd2O3, 99.9%, 10-100 nm, Cubic    Silicon Carbide Nanopowder (SiC) Nanoparticles  Silicon Nitride Nanoparticles (Si3N4) 
*Co, 99.8%, 28 nm, partially passivated, metal basis HfO2, 99.99%, high purity, 61-80nm    Chromium carbide Nanoparticle (Cr3C2) 
Lanthanum Trifluoride Nanopowder (LaF3)
*Co, 99.8%, 28 nm, carbon coated, metal basis In2O3, high purity, 99.995%, 20-70 nm  Strontium Titanate Nanoparticles Nanopowder   SrTiO3 Nanoparticles Nanopowder
*Cr, 99.9%, 35-45 nm, metal basis In(OH)3, high purity, 99.99%, 20-70 nm Barium Titanate Nanoparticles Nanopowder BaTiO3  Nanoparticles Nanopowder
*Cu, 99.9%, 90-250 nm, metal basis La2O3, 99.99%, <200nm Antimony Tin Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder  ATO Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
*Cu, 99.9%, 100nm, metal basis La2O3, 99.99%, 10-100nm
Zirconium Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles
ZrO2 Nanopowder Nanoparticles
*Cu, 99.9%, 70nm, metal basis MgO, 99+%, <100 nm 
Zinc Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles
ZnO Nanopowder Nanoparticles 
*Cu, 99.9%, 40 nm, metal basis MgO, 99+%, <60 nm Yttrium Oxide Nanopowder Nnaoparticles Y2O3  Nanopowder Nnaoparticles
*Cu, Partially Passivated,99.8%, 25nm MgO, 99+%, 40 nm          Discount!
Tungsten oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles
WO3 Nanopowder Nanoparticles
*Cu Carbon Coated, 99.8%, 25 nm MgO, 99+%, 20 nm          Discount! Titanium Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles TiO2  Nanopowder Nanoparticles
*Fe, 99.5+%, 95-105nm, metal basis Mg(OH)2,  99%, 10 nm 
Tin Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
SnO2 Nanoparticles Nanopowder
*Fe, 99.5+%, 65-75nm, metal basis MoO3, 99.94+%, high purity,13-80 nm Silicon Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder  SiO2 Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
*Fe, 99.5+%, 35-45nm, metal basis Mn2O3, 99.2%, 30 nm
Antimony Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder
Sb2O3 Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
*Fe, 99.5%, 25 nm, partially passivated, Matal basis Nd2O3, 99.9%, 30-45 nm
Nickel Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles
NiO Nanopowder Nanoparticles 
*Fe, 99.5%, 25 nm, carbon coated, Matal basis NiO, High purity, 99.5+%, 15-35 nm
Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder  
Mn2O3 Nanoparticles Nanopowder  
*Mo, 99.9%, 35-45 nm, metal basis NiO, 99%, 10-20 nm
Molybdenum Trioxide Nanopowder nanoparticles
MoO3 Nanopowder nanoparticles
*Ni, 99.9%, <70 nm, metal basis Pr6O11, 99.9%, 15-55 nm
Magnesium Hydroxide Nanoparticles nanopowder
Mg(OH)2 Nanoparticles nanopowder
*Ni, 99.9%, 40 nm, metal basis Pr6O11, 99.9%, 10-100 nm
Magnesium Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles
 MgO Nanopowder Nanoparticles 
*Ni, 99.9%, 20nm, partially passivated, metal basis *Sb2O3, 99.9%, 80-200 nm Discount! Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
*Ni, 99.9%, 20nm, carbon coated, metal basis SiO2, 99.5+%, 15-20 nm    Discount!  Iron Oxide Nanoparticles nanopowder Fe2O3 Nanoparticles nanopowder 
Si, >99%, 100nm, Polycrystalline Nanopowder & Nanowire mixed SiO2, 99.5+%,Porous,15-20 nm  Europium Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles Eu2O3 Nanopowder Nanoparticles
Si, 99+%, 50-80 nm, Monocrystalline

SiO2, 98+%, 60-70 nm    Discount!

Erbium Oxide Nanoparticles Nanopowder Er2O3 Nanoparticles Nanopowder 
Si, 98+%, <80 nm, laser Synthesized, Polycrystalline structure

SiO2, 99+%, 20-30 nm    Discount!

Dysprosium oxide nanopowder Nanoparticles   Dy2O3 nanopowder Nanoparticles 
Si, 98+%, 50-70 nm, laser Synthesized, Polycrystalline structure

SiO2,20-30 nm,KH570 coated New !

Copper Oxide Nanoparticles nanopowder
CuO Nanoparticles nanopowder
Si, 98+%, 30-50 nm, laser Synthesized, Polycrystalline structure SiO2,20-30 nm,KH550 coated New !
Chromium Oxide Nanopowder nanoparticles
Cr2O3 Nanopowder nanoparticles
Si, 98+%, 20-30 nm, laser Synthesized, Polycrystalline structure Sm2O3, 99.95%, 15-45 nm
Cobalt Oxide Nanopowder nanoparticles
Co3O4 Nanopowder nanoparticles
Sn, 99.99%, 60-80nm, metal basis SnO2, High purity, 99.7%, 35-55nm Cerium Oxide Nanopowder Nanoparticles CeO2 Nanopowder Nanoparticles
*Ta, high purity, 99.99%, 50-80 nm, metal basis Tb4O7, 99.99%, 10-100 nm, Cubic Bismuth Oxide Nanoparticles Nnaopowder  Bi2O3 Nanoparticles Nnaopowder
*Ti, 99.9%, <70nm, metal basis TiO2,anatase,99+%,10-25nm Discount! Aluminum Hydroxide Nanopowder nanoparticles  Al(OH)3 Nanopowder nanoparticles
*Ti, 99.9+%, 30-50nm, metal basis TiO2, anatase/rutile, 99+%, 20 nm  Aluminum Oxide Nanopowder nanoparticles  Al2O3 Nanopowder nanoparticles
*W, 99.95+%,  <70 nm, metal basis TiO2, rutile, high purity, 99.9+%, 30 nm Au nanopowder, Gold Nanoparticles Au nanopowder, Gold Nanoparticle
*W, 99.95+%,  40-60 nm, metal basis TiO2, rutile 30nm,Si coated New ! Boron nanopowder (B) Nanoparticles Boron nanopowder (B) Nanoparticle
*Zn, high purity, >99.99%, 95-105 nm, metal basis TiO2, rutile 30nm,Si&Al coated New ! Diamond Nanopowder (C) Nanoparticles   Diamond Nanopowder (C) Nanoparticles
*Zn, high purity, 99.99+%,  65-75 nm, metal basis TiO2, rutile 30nm,Si Oil coated New ! Chromium (Cr) Nanopowder Nanoparticle  Chromium (Cr) Nanoparticles Nanopowder
*Zn, high purity, 99.99+%,  35-45 nm, metal basis WO3, 99.9%, 60 nm     Discount! Molybdenum Nanopowder,Molybdenum Nanoparticles  Mo Nanopowder,Mo Nanoparticles
 *Ni-Ti Alloy Nanopowder, 99.9%, 30-120 nm, Ni:Ti/50:50 WO3, 99.95%, high purity, 23-65 nm  Ni Nanopowder,Ni Nanoparticles  Nickel Nanopowder,Nickel Nanoparticles
*Sn-Cu Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, SN:CU/9:1 Y2O3, High purity, 99.999%, 20-40 nm  Si Nanopowder,Si Nanoparticles  Silicon Nanopowder,Silicon Nanoparticles
*Sn-Cu Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, SN:CU/1:9 Y2O3, 99.99%, 30-45 nm  Sn Nanopowder,Sn Nanoparticles  Tin Nanopowder,Tin Nanoparticles
*Sn-Cu Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, SN:CU/92:8 ZnO, 99.9+%, 80-200 nm    Discount! Zn Nanopowder,Zn Nanoparticles  Zinc Nanopowder,Zinc Nanoparticles
*Fe-Ni-Co Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, Fe:Ni:Co/55:28:17 ZnO, 99+%, 35-45 nm        Discount! Ta Nanopowder,Ta Nanoparticles  Tantalum Nanopowder,TantalumNanoparticles
*Fe-Ni Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, Fe:Ni/5:5 ZnO, 99+%, 10-30 nm        Discount!   Ti Nanopowder,Ti Nanoparticles  Titanium Nanopowder,Titanium Nanoparticles
*Fe-Ni Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, Fe:Ni/2:8 ZrO2, 99+%, 40 nm           Discount!  W Nanopowder,W Nanoparticles  Tungsten Nanopowder,Tungsten Nanoparticles
*Fe-Cr-Co Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100nm, Fe:Cr:Co/64:25:11 ZrO2-3Y, 99.9%, 40 nm      Discount!   Co Nanopowder,Co Nanoparticles  Cobalt Nanopowder,Cobalt Nanoparticles
*Cu-Zn Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, Cu:Zn/5:5 ZrO2-8Y, 99.9%, 40 nm      Discount!   Al Nanopowder,Al Nanoparticles  Aluminum Nanopowder,Aluminum Nanoparticles
*Cu-Zn Alloy, 99.9%, 40 -100 nm, Cu:Zn/6:4    Cu Nanopowder,Cu Nanoparticles  Copper Nanopowder,Copper Nanoparticles
*Ag-Cu Nanopowder, 99.9%, <100nm    Ag Nanopowder,Ag Nanoparticles  Silver Nanopowder,Silver Nanoparticles
*Ag-Sn Nanopowder, 99.9%, <100nm    Fe Nanopowder,Fe Nanoparticles  Iron Nanopowder,Iron Nanoparticles
*Ni-Cr-Co Nanopowder, 99.9% <100nm    Nanopowder, Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle  Nanopowder, Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle
*Al-Si Nanopowder, 99.9% <100nm    Nanopowder, Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle  Nanopowder, Nanoparticles, Nanoparticle

1. Metal nanopowder should be gently placed  and avoided violent vibration and friction.
2. Metal nanopowder should be prevented from moisture, heat, impact and sunlight.
3.The user must be a professional (This person must know how to use this product.)

Rule: The smaller the particle size, the greater the surface area, the better the particle activity. That is, the nanoparticles can fully reveal the nano-properties.

Some abbreviations that you may encounter on our product pages:
REO = Rare Earth Oxide base; APS = Average Particle Size; SSA = Specific Surface Area; UN = Hazardous material transportation identification number (e.g., UN3089); CVD = Chemical Vapor Deposition; TEM = Transmission Electron Microscopy; The average particle size (APS) may have been determined by (1) specific surface area (SSA),  (2) x-ray diffraction (XRD), (3) transmission electron microscopy (TEM), and/or (4) laser scattering. 



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