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Lutetium Oxide Powder / Lu2O3 Powder, High Purity, 99.995%

Stock#: US1146M


Lutetium Oxide Powder / Lu2O3 Powder
High Purity: 99.995%--
trace metals basis
APS: 800nm

Lutetium Oxide Powder / Lu2O3 Powder Nominal Physical Constants:
Molecular Weight (g/mol.): 397.932; Density (g/cm3): 9.420; Melting Point (°C): 2487; Boiling Point (°C): 3980; Color: white; Crystallography: cubic crystal. 

Lutetium Oxide Powder / Lu2O3 PowderTypical Applications:
a) The product of Lu2O3 and PdO (formed at high pressure and temperature in the presence of potassium chlorate) has a potential use in superconducting materials. Lutetium(III) oxide is an important raw material for laser crystals.b) It also has specialized uses in vacuum deposition, ceramics, glass, phosphors, and lasers. Lutetium(III) Oxide is used as a catalyst in cracking, alkylation, hydrogenation, and polymerization.


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