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Tungsten Oxide Powder (WO3, 99.5%, 4um)

Nanoparticles WO3 Applications: Used in colorant and analysis reagent of chinaware; Used in producing metal tunsten material; Gas sensors; Fire-proofing fabrics; Imaging; Large-area displays; Catalysts; Ceramic pigments; Humidity sensors; Infrared switching devices; High-density memory devices; Photocatalysts; Temperature sensors; used in X-ray screen and fireproof textile; Tungstates; Wastewater treatment; Writing-reading-erasing optical devices; Smart windows; Solar energy conversion; producing WC, horniness alloy, cutting cools, super-hard mould and tungsten strips through powder metallurgy...

Tungsten Oxide Powder - WO3
Purity: 99.5%
Color: yellow
APS (Average Particle Size): 4um


Stock #: US1144M

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