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Super Grade Mica Powder, 99.999%

$68/100g - 45um
$280/1kg - 45um

$68/100g - 15um
$280/1kg - 15um

$68/100g - 10um
$350/1kg - 10um

$68/100g - 5um
$380/1kg - 5um

Stock#: US5017
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Product Features: Mica has a unique acid, alkali, chemical stability, heat resistance, non-flammable, good insulation. The main purpose: Used in building materials industry, on behalf of asbestos products, and also for fire extinguishing agent, welding, plastics, rubber, paint, coatings, chemicals, electronic products, oil well drilling, pearlescent pigments and other areas of work. For example: adding the wet ultrafine mica, can shield ultraviolet light, improve the coating's wear resistance, delay chalking, discoloration; a two-dimensional sheet structure of high aspect ratio, enhance the overall mechanical properties of the coating, waterproof impermeability, anti-cracking, enhancing tolerance and self-cleaning; acid, alkali, high temperature, improving coating heat and corrosion resistance.

Mica Powder
Whiteness Bulk Density -g/ml PH Moisture% Loss on ignition%
70-80 0.25-0.38 5.5-7.5 0.4-1 3.5-5.5
Mica Powder Chemical Composition - COA-%
SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 CaO MgO K2O Na2O
54.78 28.23 5.72 0.58 0.618 10.59 1.18


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