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Stainless Steel Powders
Products Composition (%) Fe balance A.D.g/cm3 O (%) Particle Shape Particle Size Price ($) Price ($)
Stainless Steel Powder 304 Cr18-20, Ni9-13, Si<1, Mn<0.3, C 0.08 4.2 0.27 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 304L Cr18-20, Ni9-13, Si<1, Mn<0.3, C 0.03 4.2 0.30 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 316 Cr16-18, Ni10-14, Mo2-3, C 0.08 4.2 0.13 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 316L Cr16-18, Ni10-14, Mo2-3, C 0.03 4.2 0.23 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 316L Cr16-18, Ni10-14, Mo2-3, C 0.03 4.2 0.23 regular 30um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 410L Cr11.5-13.5, C 0.03 4.5 0.118 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 430L Cr16-18, C 0.05 4 0.208 regular 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 420L Cr12-14, C0.35, S0.03, P0.04, Si1, Mn1 4.3 0.18 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g
Stainless Steel Powder 17-4PH Cr16.21, Ni4.46, Cu3.9, Nb0.21, C0.07,Si0.74, Mn0.95 2.95 0.082 spherical 10um $380/1kg $95/100g

Stock#: US5013
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Features: Stainless steel powder metallurgy is one of the main raw material for powder metallurgy, injection molding, 3D printing, diamond tools, carbide, thermal spraying materials and other products industries. Making Method: High-Temperature Combustion Method

Stainless Steel Powder 304-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 304L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 316-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 316L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 410L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 430L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 420L-SDS
Stainless Steel Powder 17-4PH SDS

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